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Friday, March 17, 2006

O! Onglish for another day...

Hasty back-bumpum
and masefticated
jarmbled donk
baxbax shlorm
teyet drumple
z'alelulium bankty vispit

man this is getting really difficult. that's the only thing that convinces me it's not pointless. maybe that makes no sense, but it's found its way into my heart.

O! Onglish for another day...


Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A name that everyone pronounces wrong...

Beetle-delivery belt
rotation mexpert
hisbumple weej
parentrifical caballo
sloans perdue
fastiel vermpardo
jisstle mo'frisstle
delldum-missile red
theharrisbuerg plaidventure
9 isen framok

ok, now I see that I'm digressing considerably, so I think it's time to quit.


Sunday, January 22, 2006

More info on Onglish, and a list!

Now, a bit more on onglish--

Extended Onglish includes phrases comprised of real words that don't make any sense, whatsoever. No you know a lot about onglish, but not quite everything.

Now, the list:

My alphabet red
soap-bread banana head
his wallet freeze down
rastafari deliver
choke quiddle-whip
huynfer retimmel
nosenfrush extract
prusjman downcifer
higfly mazzoo
ripenbaum jaunglut
dehk-lamar jine


Friday, January 20, 2006

You may never recover

portions regret six
manstable yush
leeronomous anching
baathershpilse montendo
quedlimish re-duxtable
hankazamer blimishe
rhils porgozovitz
montash ganash

...and foamsicle divergence

I realized something today. You may never find our little page here on a google search because we don't use many real words. so you'll never just be looking for something and stumble upon this site. oh well. maybe we should post hot meta-words like "mp3" or "warez" or "cheesemestable..."...hmmm.